24.07.2022 14:00

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Michaela Casková workshop “Weather-casting: making dyes and inks from local plants and found materials” | Kreenholm garden

Michaela Casková workshop “Weather-casting: making dyes and inks from local plants and found materials” | Kreenholm garden

You are kindly invited to the Kreenholm Plants resident Michaela Casková (CZ/FI) open workshop in the garden!

During the workshop the artist will let the participants take her out for a walk around Narva. While walking we will forage for materials that will in an experimental garden laboratory turn into inks and dyes. We will together create, share, taste and experience the colour code of Narva weather.
What is the journey of nettles collected on one sunny summer day?
What is the taste and colour of your memories of one particular rainy day?
Which shades of weather do you remember?
With whom do you share the weather?
Wandering around with baskets full of nettles, bark, stones, clay. Walking in company, with scissors, plastic bags full of rotten mushrooms and then freezing, boiling, drying, dyeing, separating, observing, learning, forgetting, getting excited and disappointed.

Meeting point: Narva Art Residency, Joala 18.
Languages: English, Estonian, Russian.
In case of questions, call +37255624384.
Participation is for donation (about 1€) and open to all!

Michaela is a visual artist, art educator, nomadic gardener and forager who keeps an eye on atmospheric events. Motivated by processes of connecting, sharing, doing, being and learning together she keeps moving between different collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. As an active member of Mustarinda association she works on projects intertwining art, research and ecological and cultural diversity. Michaela received masters in Fine Arts (2012) and Masters in Art education (2014). Ever since she has been working as community weaver and mediator between art, science and its various audiences. Most of her wanderings, foraging and gatherings are connected to Mustarinda house surrounded by old-growth forest, by the sea in her studio in Helsinki or by the hills of her homeland in Czechia. 

NB! The next workshops in Kreenholm garden are a tea ceremony by Dambi Kim (KR) and a workshop on sonic foraging by Sille Kima (EE), taking place in August.The 2022 summer season workshops in the Kreenholm garden are supported through the regional cultural activity support measure of the Estonian Folk Culture Center.