“What if…?”

Project “What if…?” introduces the possibilities of the creative industry to young people in Ida-Viru and invites to participate in the hackathon.

Narva Art Residency with the Estonian Academy of Arts and Ida-Viru Loomeklaster is organizing the “What if…?” project. The project aims to introduce to the young people of Ida-Viru County various opportunities in the art field and creative industry.

Within the framework of the project, a series of educational and cultural events will be held in various Ida-Viru County schools. 

In addition to school visits, there will be two events for everyone interested in the topic. On March 2nd at 16:00, at the Narva Art Residency, Vitali Valtanen will talk about developing a product from scratch. On March 12th at 16:00 (in Russian) and 17:30 (in Estonian), Elina Steinpilm‘s lecture “Interior Design as Mindset and Lifestyle” will be held in the Jõhvi Central Library.

The main event of the project is an “Ida-Viru Gift” hackathon dedicated to creative industries. It will take place on March 22-24 at the Narva Art Residency.

On March 22nd, Estonian Academy of Arts lecturers and Ida-Viru Entrepreneurship Center experts will conduct a seminar, and everyone is welcome to listen to their short lectures on creative industries.
Registration to the seminar: https://forms.gle/bB46ajTKkzB7cZtRA 

During the hackathon on Saturday and Sunday, participants will create or develop a gift that reflects the features of Ida-Viru County. These gifts can be souvenirs, art objects, experiences, social projects or something nice to give to our city, region, friends, school or colleagues. The prize money is 2500€.

Participation in the hackathon is free, but the number of participants is limited.
Registration: https://forms.gle/c7z9hJx2q8ECXBog6 

The project ” What if…?” is funded by the Integration Foundation and British Council.
The project is organized by Narva Art Residency together with the Estonian Academy of Arts and Ida-Viru Loomeklaster.

More info:
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johanna.rannula@artun.ee, 59177795
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