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Film programme You’re Running. Everyone’s Got Holes | Point of No Return. Attunement of Attention

Film programme You’re Running. Everyone’s Got Holes | Point of No Return. Attunement of Attention

Film programme You’re Running. Everyone’s Got Holes

Curator: Piibe Kolka

The artist film programme accompanying NART’s annual exhibition 2021 Point of No Return. Attunement of Attention consists of two screenings taking place on two weekends in June.

The films are close to bodies, expressing rhythms and frequencies at different intersections of being. There are bodies that look for a place in physical space and landscapes, in ecological networks and economic hierarchies, bodies that move in time, bodies that perform measured gestures and find a rhythm in relationships to others. Everyone in a moment captured into an audiovisual artefact where a global connection with many others is inevitably clear, but there is only one sole body for reacting, taking a step, turning around or standing still. 

The films look at at speed, efficiency and dream spaces among motorcycle couriers, instruct in gestures of fake intimacy, invite a decommissioned container vessel into a dialogue with workers dismantling it, imagine the myth of Xąwįska – a plant that revives those who have fainted, talk about borders, both inside and outside, asking if a film can be like a nest. 

There’s a concreteness and determination in many of the filmic gestures, while they also echo vibrations from given or chosen contexts. Because

”[E]veryone’s got holes.[…] No amount of disintegration or porousness makes us any less human. One can remain human while being mixed up – because to be human is to be mixed up.”[1]

Supported by: British Council in Estonia

Piibe Kolka (b. 1986) is a film-maker, cinema watcher and artist who is interested in the divergent potential of the relatively young art form of film and its various crossover forms. She is drawn by the fact that auteur cinema is a personal artistic practice with ample room for experimentation and inquiry into the audiovisual, temporal and rhythmic peculiarities of the genre. By posing the questions “what is happening?” and “how is it?”, she delves into the intensity of the feeling of presence in films and exploring the facets of that feeling. Kolka has worked in New York as a cinematographer and editor of documentaries, feature films and auteur films. She is currently working on the Tütarrakk short film and expanded cinema project, studying the multiple interpretations of gestures performed in front of a camera, and delights in footage recorded on audio cassette using a low-resolution camcorder, a pixelated, fluttering change of pace to extremely high-definition playback. Kolka studied anthropology at Tallinn University (BA 2010, MA 2015) and documentary film-making and general cinema at the New School in New York (MA 2014).

[1] E. Wilk, “This Compost: Erotics of Rot,” Granta, 7 July 2020, online publication. https://granta.com/erotics-of-rot/.