19.02.2022 16:00

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“Kitchen Talks” with Alexei Gordin

“Kitchen Talks” with Alexei Gordin

This Saturday, February 19 at 16 oclock the third “Kitchen Talks” meeting will take place at the Narva Art Residency. This time it will feature an Estonian artist Aleksei Gordin , whose paintings we also see in the exhibition “Näotus” of the VGA project on the 1st floor of the residency. His six paintings are like memes, and one of them is made especially for this exhibition.

The meeting will take place in the kitchen of the residency in a cozy atmosphere. Hot drinks and sweets will be offered to the guests. We also broadcast the meeting on Facebook live. 

The kitchen has space for ten guests, so we ask those who wish to participate in the event to register this link as soon as possible: https://forms.gle/9nmagjNs1DbbQTSv8

You must have a valid covid-passport, an ID, and a pair of slippers with you.

Alexey Gordin (1989) is primarily known as a painter, although he also makes photo and video art, as well as performance. He shows the absurdity of the world (art) and the alienation of people through the use of black humor, while addressing issues of social injustice and marginalization. Gordon’s work is characterized by the influence of caricature and the coexistence of text and visualization with references to comics and memes. He also takes part in the VGA project in NART.