Artists for NART Embassy in Narva Venice and Kreenholm Garden are selected

Artists for NART Embassy in Narva Venice and Kreenholm Garden are selected

The calls for the summer residencies in Narva Venice and Kreenholm Garden have ended. The artists have been selected and we are ready to tell you about them!

Narva Venice is a unique place with its own history and way of life. The jury included Johanna Rannula, Mattias Malk, Elizabeth Guerrero and Ionel Lehari and selected 5 artists who will spend this summer in Narva Venice. There they will get acquainted with the area, its locals and carry out their art projects related directly to it.

Maxim Kozlov (France, will build a viking ship together with the locals of Narva and Kulgu. 

Leri Matehha (Israel, will introduce you to Jewish culture and kosher home distillery. 

Frans Van Hoek (South Africa / the Netherlands)  will create a camera obscura in Narva Venice, which everyone will be able to visit. 

Giuseppe Sofo (Italy) plans to find a reflection of Venice in Narva Venice and reveal the idea in a series of postcards. 

Tim Sullivan (UK, will create a visual archeological archive of objects of Narva Venice. Read about the previous season here: 

Krenholm Garden is a project about artists who work with the theme of horticulture and gardening, turning it into art. The jury was made up of artists Sille Kima and Sandra Kosorotova who initiated the project, project managers Katya Kuznetcova and Maria Kopytova and NART’s director Johanna Rannula. This June, Kreenholm Plants resident will be artist Juliane Foronda (Canada/Scotland, whose main task of her residency is to develop and cultivate a preservation garden. You can read more about the previous seasons here.