Narva Art Residency announces a competition for exhibitions, educational and creative projects

Narva Art Residency announces a competition for exhibitions, educational and creative projects

Narva Art Residency (NART) is a cultural platform that focuses on organizing international art residencies, but NART also supports its own unique public program which includes art exhibitions and art workshops, lectures, and other public events. NART promotes intercultural synergy and interdisciplinary cooperation and makes Estonian art life more internationalized. NART’s current focus is on enriching Narva’s cultural life and trying to establish better contact with the local community. Therefore, projects with the potential to actually speak to people of Narva and offer them active cultural and artistic experiences, are welcome to the competition. The deadline for the competition is June 9 at 23:59 Estonian time.

NART is located in Narva city on the Estonian-Russian border on the historical Kreenholm site. The center is located at the historicist villa, which was originally built for the director of Kreenholm Textile Manufacture. There are exhibition halls equipped with gallery lighting on the first floor, the second floor has a retro cinema hall. Longer-term exhibition projects are located in the east wing of the building (200 m2), it is also possible to place large-scale works here. There are a couple of multi-purpose halls in the western part of the building. The territory of the Kreenholm plant or the urban space of Narva can be utilised during the projects too.

NART offers participants its own cultural platform, attractive exhibition and event space, exhibition supervision, and information sharing through its communication channels. The costs related to the setting up, communication, and organization of the exhibition will be covered by the author of the project. NART can issue a confirmation letter to apply for grants. The project team is expected to be involved in the project until the end of the exhibition or event. In the case of an exhibition project, the applicant is also expected to offer events and/or educational activities. At the same time, projects can still be submitted as ideas that are still under development, and a comprehensive plan will be formed in cooperation with the NART team. The proposed projects may start as early as the fall of 2023, and the exhibition and event schedule will be developed until the end of 2024. NART program competition projects will be evaluated by a jury. We will send notifications about the selection of projects.

To participate in the competition, please upload a file (maximum 10 MB) containing:

  • name and contact details of the applicant
  • project description (2000-2500 characters)
  • in the case of an exhibition project, descriptions of the works
  • visual material related to the project (up to 5 photos/drawings)
  • the financial plan of the project and how the costs are planned to be covered
  • special conditions, and equipment used for the exhibition and/or event
  • the preferred time and duration of the exhibition and/or event
  • brief introductions of participating artists, partners, experts, curators, etc., and links to portfolios.

Send the file via email
Applications must be submitted in English. If you wish to do it in another language, please contact the organisers.

Additional information:
Arina Jegorova
Assistant of Narva Art Residency
+372 56265903