Calendar of events in May

Calendar of events in May

Calendar of events in May 2023

4.05 Thursday 
18:00 NART resident Kristian Sverdrup´s online lecture
Kristian is a visual artist and sculptor. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age, his art practice also links science and bodies. The lecture will be in English. Watch EKA TV

6.05 Saturday
14:00 Talk and mask-making workshop by Ukrainian artists Sasha Zaitseva 
With her Russian-Ukrainian roots, the artist explores aspects of cultural identity and asks how the trauma of war impacts her work. The talk will be followed by a creative workshop on mask-making where everyone can reflect on their own identity. The event is in Russian, registration is required.

7.05 Sunday
11.00 Opening of the Kreenholm Garden’s fourth season
Kreenholm Garden starts a new season and moves back to the vicinity of NART. New volunteers are welcome, as well as anyone interested and willing to get involved and help with the garden.

12.05 Friday 
17:00 Discussion “Design and innovation – what and why?”
Students and lecturers of the Estonian Academy of Arts, specializing in space design, discuss design and its role in society. In Estonian, with possible translation into Russian.

13.05  Saturday
12:00 Photography workshop with artist Saara Tuominen – POSTPONED!
NART resident Saara invites a small group of photo enthusiasts for a workshop. Saara will share her tips and suggestions for creating a portfolio. Pre-registration is required. In English, free of charge.

15:00 Kreenholm turns 166 years old! Tour, film, cake. 
Let’s celebrate Kreenholm’s birthday together, eat cake, and talk about history and plans for the future. Curator Denis Jatsenko will give a guided tour. We will show the film “Promised Land” (1974), directed by Andrzej Wajda.

14.05 Sunday  
16:00 Curatorial tour of the exhibition “Image of the Future with the Shadow of the Past” 
The curator is Milena Appajeva. In Russian.

20.05  Saturday 
17:00 Artist talk with Spanish photographer Matias Costa
The artist Matias Costa is originally from Buenos Aires, but his family’s roots go back to Eastern Europe and Spain. In Narva, he explores the expressions of different cultures and talks to locals. 

27.05 Saturday 
11:00 Children’s day at the exhibition “Image of the Future with the Shadow of the Past”
Families are invited to the exhibition to make masks, do a linocut, and explore the artworks with a guide.

18:00 Movie evening in the cinema Amalie