Nikita Timonin (Russia, Italy )

09.01 – 19.02.2023

// BIO

Nikita Timonin  is an architect. In his projects, he strives to capture and analyze the urban and social environment and suggest ways for its development with the help of unexpected small architectural forms and installations. Each object is the result of working with local communities and residents, which makes it possible to study the context in more detail to create projects that meet not only the spirit of the place, but also the request of all interested social groups.

For the implementation of the projects, he tries to use as much as possible recycled materials and industrial waste, which sometimes in itself become an inspiration. And also, if possible, to involve both professional workers living near the construction site and everyone who wants to help, thanks to which it is possible to create additional involvement and a sense of belonging to the project and reduce implementation costs.

He had two projects at hand at the residency –  a theoretical project for the revitalization of a currently empty building in Narva – The Gerassimov palace, and a public art installation that was located at the Gerassimov park. 

Here are the research project slides:

Nikita Timonin

Nikita Timonin