NART is looking for a daring and capable PROJECT MANAGER for the second season of Narva Venice Embassy

NART is looking for a daring and capable PROJECT MANAGER for the second season of Narva Venice Embassy

In the summer of 2022, NART successfully completed a project in Narva Venezia – a system of narrow canals lined with rows of boat garages. The garages are home to a local community that likes to go fishing and spend quality time there. NART rented two spaces – the garage and the ground floor of the clubhouse – to host international artists. Over the summer, five artists from Mexico, Switzerland, Ireland, and the USA brought their bold projects to Kulgu. For example, Enrique Roura built a community bread oven and Elizabeth Molina created a special sound journey. During the season, various events, meetings, concerts, etc. took place in Narva Venice. 

In 2023, the aim is once again to find closer contact with the local community, to make Kulgu more visible and attractive, to give artists the opportunity to be deeply inspired by this special place, and to create artistic interventions. The project is already underway and the active period will last until early November.

A daring and capable project leader is needed to carry out this project, but the work can also be shared between a small team. Candidates should indicate the role or roles they see themselves playing. The project tasks include: 

  • organizing the jury’s work and communicating with the selected artists before and during the residency.
  • looking for and preparing accommodations for the arrival of the artists, organizing renovations if necessary, involving volunteers, etc.
  • assisting the artists-in-residence in the production of their creative work.
  • organizing communication activities in three languages, including media relations and social media, either in-house or with partners.
  • organizing around five public events over the summer, in partnership with the artists-in-residence and the community.
  • producing and publishing a brochure magazine in the autumn, looking back on the season and the work of the artists, and gathering input from artists and community members.
  • keeping the project bookkeeping in order and writing the project report

The project manager will be fluent in spoken and written English and Russian, and will preferably also communicate in Estonian. He/she will be independent in carrying out his/her tasks and will take responsibility for the development and results of the project. Project management will also require periodic on-site work and communication in Narva. The type of work and the type of contract will be agreed with the selected candidate. The project manager will be part-time, depending on the stage of the project. The working time is flexible. 

The deadline for applications is 20.04.2023. To apply, please send a letter of motivation (max 1 page) and a CV – Potential candidates will be contacted.

Find out more about the project here:
The project is supported by the British Council under the P2P program.

Further information: 
Arina Jegorova
+372 56265903

Photo: Juri Vsivtsev / Station Narva