16.04.2022 14:00

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Papercutting workshop

Papercutting workshop

Saturday 16 April at 14-17
For grownups and youth, entrance is free / 1 euro.

Making images through the simple process of cutting paper is fascinating. The workshop will be about making paper cuttings using magazines and images from books as materials, either by improvising or using stencils and patterns. The workshop is led by NART’s artist-in-residence Kaisu Koivisto and is meant for grownups and youth. Children are welcome with their parents. Sign up here, places are limited – https://forms.gle/8cgxcrRD7Na6AuMB9.

Discarded magazines are good materials for paper cutting. It really boosts creativity and imagination as one sees how new shapes, images and ideas evolve from the printed matter used as material. The end result is always a surprise.  The workshop participants create paper cuttings individually or make a bigger entity. Kaisu has made many examples of cut-outs that can be used for ideas and for getting started.

Paper and scissors will be provided, but the participants are welcome to bring their own paper and scissors. 

Kaisu Koivisto is a multidisciplinary artist from Helsinki, Finland. She works multimedially across installations, photography, sculptures and video. Koivisto is inspired by history, urbanization and visible changes in the environment.