20.01 - 23.02.2024

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Masha Pryven’s series of seminars for youth “Narva – an art book”

Masha Pryven’s series of seminars for youth “Narva – an art book”

What: A series of six seminars for teenagers “Narva – an art book”. At the end of the seminars in February, we will organize a pop-up exhibition of the works at NART.

When: First meeting will be 20.01.2024 Saturday at 11. The following meetings will be each week at the same time. Altogether there will be around 6 meetings for the same group of people: 27.01, 03.02, 10.02, 17.02 and 23.02.

Where: Narva Art Residency, Joala 18

Participation is free

Ukrainian-German artist and photographer Masha Pryven invites young Narva residents between the ages 13 to 20 to create experimental art books of their home city Narva. They will work with found materials and discover new ways of seeing their environment.

NB! The places are very limited and we ask you to register here: https://forms.gle/vhgbhLuVcaYcUe3V6

NB! Just come to the first meeting and check it out! There are no obligations attached.

NB!  What to bring to the meetings? Find 5 – 10 objects at home that can tell something about you. Maybe it’s something you wanted to throw away but you didn’t for some reason.

The workshops will explore how it feels to live where you live. What are your favorite spots in Narva and where do you feel uncomfortable? Is it a town of your childhood memories or a town of political tensions? If you were to create your own book but without words, just objects? And if this book was called NARVA, what would it look like?

In the end, you will create a sort of a book, a mix of objects found in the street or at home, old or new photos, or whatever you want to include. It depends on you what such an imaginary book would be!

If you are interested in exploring your creativity you are welcome to join! No prior knowledge required, everybody is invited.

Masha Pryven (born in Ukraine) is an artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. She cooperates with different groups of people who act as co-authors of her art works.