20.01.2024 15:00

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Panel discussion “Creative approaches to Borders”

Panel discussion “Creative approaches to Borders”

20.01 at 15:00
NART, Joala 18

On 20 January, a panel discussion on borders and borderlands in art, literature and journalism will take place at the Narva Art Residency as part of the symposium Bridging the Regions and Disciplines in Border Studies

The symposium will bring together about 50 border researchers from Asia and Europe to discuss in joint panels similar issues related to borders and border-making in a comparative perspective in Europe and Asia. The researchers will come to explore Narva and the Estonian-Russian border zone, where the final panel discussion “Creative Approaches to Borders” will take place. Information about the presentations and participants can be found HERE.

For scholars, borders are not only state boundaries, but also all kinds of barriers in society that create divisions between different linguistic and cultural spaces, identities and feelings of belonging. There are borders on our imaginary maps, and in virtual spaces. Processes of boundary creation happen all around us on a daily basis.

The symposium is organised by Eur-Asian Border Lab under the leadership of Tallinn University in cooperation with the Universities of Eastern Finland and Amsterdam.