Sean Roy Parker | Kreenholm Garden (UK)

01.06 – 31.07.2022

// BIO

Sean Roy Parker is a visual artist, fermentation enthusiast and food writer based at DARP artist community in Shipley, Derbyshire. His work examines the lifecycle of materials, complexities of multi-species responsibility, and problem-solving through collaboration. He practises slow and low-tech crafts using leftover consumer debris or natural abundance to explore feelings of eco- anxiety in late-stage capitalism, and redistributes resources through flexible care structures like labour exchanges and artswaps.


During my time at Kreenholm Gardens, I will spend time writing with the more-than-human neighbours, learn basic woodworking and build a communal tool shed with upcycled materials from the locale.


Sean Roy Parker | Kreenholm Garden

Sean Roy Parker | Kreenholm Garden

Eco-anxious artist, environmentalist and cook Forever-amateur, post-capitalist skill-sharer