Olga Wardega and Christoph Zeckel (poland, germany )

07.08 – 01.10.2023

// BIO

We are Olga and Christoph, two artists & travelers from Poland and Germany/Malaysia who met living in Porto and have since been collaborating on live performances, site-specific installations, and audiovisual works in Porto and later Poland and beyond.

We draw our inspiration from the natural world that we find in our immediate surroundings: rustling leaves in the wind, water reflections in the ocean, birds, soil, found either in remote nature or hidden within the urban environment. We try to find a unique connection to these often hidden worlds, and through an interlinking of sound, colour and movement try to emphasize how our perception of things influences the things themselves. In our practice, simplicity, free-flow experimentation, chance, and accident always play a big part in the creation of works, along with a little element of humor that tends to get snuck in somewhere.

Our most recent installations have been somatic, immersive experiences based on re-materializing and morphing organic, physical objects and sounds in a digital realm and displaying them in large format projections on unconventional surfaces.


In their residency, they will continue their practice of creating site-specific audio-visual installations using techniques of projection mapping and spatial audio, culminating with an installation within the Kreenholm Textile Manufacture.

By documenting what remains of sound and light as a medium and engaging with the people connected to the mill, they will examine how this building relates to the people of Narva and vice versa. They intend for this project to be an exploration of how these spaces, once full of life, persist within the memory of the region and what will happen with the remnant that was left behind and given over once more to ever persisting nature.

Olga Wardega and Christoph Zeckel

Olga Wardega and Christoph Zeckel