19.04 - 01.05.2022

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Exhibition “Fair design”

Exhibition “Fair design”

Exhibition “Fair Design”
Open: 19.04–1.05
Wed – Mon at 15-19
Sat – Wed at 13-19
Ticket: 1€

This in an exhibition dedicated to objects designed with the principles of the circular economy. Objects and materials are created by Estonian designers from recycled materials. Closed-cycle economy principles allow both product and material to remain in circulation for as long as possible and to be used several times for different purposes. These principles are the basis of zero-waste production, which is becoming popular worldwide and aims to preserve the planet and its resources. Imagine that your bag, created from recycled or organic materials (e.g. natural leather), could, after its lifetime, be recycled and become a new product or material for other items and accessories.


Exhibition opening 19.04
Lecture “What is closed-loop design?
Time: 19.04 at 17.00 – 19.00
The lecture will be held by closed-circuit design specialists Kerli Kehman-Vaarik and Kaire Rannik.