06.03 - 05.05.2024

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Angela Soop’s solo exhibition “He is You/War and Peace/IV”

Angela Soop’s solo exhibition “He is You/War and Peace/IV”

6.03– 5.05.2024

“Peace is more than the absence of war.”

The fourth and final exhibition in Angela Soop’s (1970) series “War and Peace” called “He is You” at Narva Art Residence summarises and concludes the work that began in 2020. Angela desired to understand the states of “war” and “peace”, which has changed dramatically over the last couple of years.

The exhibition series includes three gallery shows and one permanent exhibition. The works have grown and changed in the context of the wars that have broken out in the world, but they have also been influenced by the space in which they are exhibited. The exhibition will open at the Narva Art Residency on the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Narva, on 6th March at 19:00 and stay open until the end of April.

Angela Soop: “Throughout the series of exhibitions, the fictional became a reality. A chaos of thoughts, feelings, and words. Survival in everyday life, finding and ordering chaos. Returning to the person who is the beginning and the end. Realizing that there is no one other than you, that he is also you. Light and darkness are unfathomably vast and no longer have the meaning they used to have. Black is like a mocking coal, white is like blinding pain.”

The co-author of the exhibition is composer Tatiana Kozlova-Johannes, whose work complements the series “Growth. Wrapped Paintings.”

Angela Soop (Kaili-Angela Konno) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1999 with a specialization in painting, and in 2018 she completed her MA in Art Education. Besides teaching, she is active in several fields: drawing, painting, photography, installations, exhibitions and TV studio design. For Estonian Television, she has created designs for the programmes Plekktrumm, Aktuaalne Kaamera, Välisilm, Terevision, etc. She has twice been honored with the ERR Best Artist Award (2008, 2003). Soop has also been honored twice with a diploma at the International Drawing Triennale (2021, 2015). Over the years, the artist has reused and reinterpreted different materials, from fabrics and home textiles to rusty metal plates, aged wood, and plywood. In recent years, Angela has been creating large-scale site-specific installations that fit into and transform spaces.

Sound design is by Eike Västrik
Graphic design by Lea Tammick
Technical support of the exhibition by Siim Soop
The artist would like to thank: Raoul Keller, Tarmo Johannes, Anu Rajamäe.
Photos of the exhibition: Stanislav Stepaško
The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

The opening will take place on 06.03. at 19:00 at NART, Joala 18.
Check the event here: https://www.nart.ee/en/events/angela-soopi-ja-pavel-rottsi-isikunaituste-avamine/

Photos: Stanislav Stepashko