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Solo exhibitions opening of Angela Soop and Pavel Rotts

Solo exhibitions opening of Angela Soop and Pavel Rotts

06.02 at 19:00
NART, Joala 18

On the evening of 6 March at 19:00, two unique solo exhibitions will open at the Narva Art Residency. Both examine war and its consequences in the past and present.

Angela Soop’s exhibition “He is You” is the latest in a series of exhibitions reflecting on the changing states of “war” and “peace”. It will feature textile paintings and large-scale site-specific installations. The exhibition is co-created by composer Tatiana Kozlova-Johannes.

Pavel Rotts’s exhibition “Climbing a Memory. The Matter of Touch” focuses on collective memory and examines the traces of the March bombings that happened 80 years ago in Narva. The exhibition is also a durational performance. Moreover, an interactive bouldering installation will be opened in the Narva Castle in April.

Both exhibitions open on the day of the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Narva and will be open for visitors until 5 May.

On 6th March, before the opening of the exhibitions by Pavel Rotts and Angela Soop, there will be a series of events at the Narva Museum dedicated to the day of remembrance of old Narva:

16:30 Opening of the exhibition “Narva 44” in the Narva Castle park
17:30 Memorial ceremony at the monument “Juured” (next to the Narva Polyclinic)
17:45 Thematic city tour with heritage protection specialist Madis Tuuder (start at the memorial stone “Juured”, end of the tour at NART)
19:00 Solo exhibitions opening of Angela Soop and Pavel Rotts in NART (Joala 18)