15.09 - 24.11.2022

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Public online lecture series “Insights from artists-in-residence”

Public online lecture series “Insights from artists-in-residence”

In the fall of 2022, Narva Art Residency’s international artists are going to give online lectures to explain, in detail, the practice of a professional artist, what everyday life at an art residency looks like, and how to take part in the opportunities offered. It’s a possibility for the wider English-speaking audience to get to know 6 professional artists and learn their tricks and tips on how to find opportunities to further their careers, what to expect at artist residencies, how to write applications and find funding etc. Online lectures take place at 18:00, every two weeks starting from the 15th of September.

The lecture series is broadcasted on the EKA TV webpage –  a platform of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The lectures will also be available to view there later.

EKA TV link:  https://tv.artun.ee/nartavatudloengud/7reYLVjZtv

15.09 at 18  Kenneth Bamberg 
29.09 at 18  Jacque Falcheti 
13.10 at 18 Filipa Pontes 
27.10 at 18 Kent Robinson
10.11 at 18 Pavel Rotts
24.11 at 18 Sunaina Talreja

The first lecture is by Kenneth Bamberg, who is spending 3 months in residency in Narva.
He is a Finnish photographer from the Åland Islands who explores the different angles of cultural and traditional ways of expressing masculinity. https://kenbam.com/about

The second lecture is by Jacque Falcheti, a singer and songwriter from Brazil. She has already taken part in the Station Narva festival, and is writing 6 songs about Narva during the time of her residency. https://www.jacquefalcheti.com/

Third lecture is by Filipa Pontes. Filipa is an artist and researcher from Portugal, she lives in Germany and holds a Ph.D. in Fine Arts (FBAUL, Lisbon, 2020). Filipa has been to a big number of residencies during her artistic career, from Mozambique to Norway. She uses drawing as a way to research and reflect on human relations in contemporary society. https://filipapontes.com/

Fourth lecture is by Kent Robinson. He is inspired by languages, alphabets, and ways of communication. 3 years ago he started a project named CYRRILATIN, an alphabet that combines Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. Kent is from France. https://kentrobinson.fr/

Fifth lecture is by Pavel Rotts. Pavel is a multidisciplinary artist, who will conduct the research phase of his two long durational projects connected with Estonia. First one is called “Climbing memory” and it is  a conceptual research-based project dealing with a manifestation of historical trauma and collective memory about the war in a contemporary city. The second one is called “Fragile Narratives”. In this project, Pavel works with his family memories. He has roots in Ingria, both on maternal and paternal sides. To narrate the stories, Pavel uses objects. These objects are, first and foremost, metaphors. https://sashapasha.com/

Sixth lecture is by Sunaina Talreja. Hailing from a small town in Pakistan, a visual artist, and fashion student, Talreja worked as an art therapist and art instructor. Her artwork takes a critical view of social, religious and cultural issues. Often referencing Sub-continent, minority and immigrants her work explores the varying relationships between popular culture and fine art. sunainatalreja1.wixsite.com