17.09.2022 12:00

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Heritage Protection Days’ events at NART

Heritage Protection Days’ events at NART

NART will offer a guided tour of the Krenholm district and a fascinating meeting at the director’s villa on 17 September.

Check out the full program of the Heritage Days’ here.

Throughout the day, guests will be able to visit exhibitions both inside and outside Narva Art Residency. The Narva Art Residency invites you to take a short walk around the villa of the technical director of Krenholm Manufactory. During the tour, we will get acquainted with the fascinating history of the buildings and their inhabitants. We will find out who built the buildings and why red bricks were used in their construction. During the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to look inside the headquarters building (Joala 20) and the director’s villa (Joala 18). After a walk around the area, NART invites you to meet Madis Tuuder for will take place over a cup of tea from an authentic samovar.

12:00 A walk around the Krenholm area as well as inside the director’s villa (EST)
14:00 Stroll around the Kreenholm area around the director’s villa (RUS)
15:30 Tea at the director’s house with historic preservation officer Madis Tuuder (RUS)