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Performative sculpture workshops with Chloe Kelly

Performative sculpture workshops with Chloe Kelly

6, 13, 20 and 27 April, 4 and 11 May
NART, Joala 18

UK/Germany artist Chloe Kelly will give a six-part workshop series responding to the buildings of Narva with an unusual perspective on architecture. 

Chloe’s artistic practice includes working with sculpture and video to make site-specific performances, and with stage and video design for theatre. These practices will come together in the workshops, as the group creates an unconventional architectural model inspired by personal memories of Narva. The aim is to think freely and imaginatively about buildings: what kind of architecture can exist in dreams, fiction, memories? We will think about architecture as big (a whole city?) or as small (a single brick?) as we choose. This model will then be explored through the mediums of performance, video projection, live-camera streaming, light settings and text.

The workshops are open to all ages and abilities, and will be held in English and Russian. For the first workshop, each participant should bring a small documentation of a piece of architecture in any medium they choose – perhaps a written memory, drawing, photograph or collage. 

The workshops will be held in NART on Saturdays, on: 6th April, 13:00 // 13th April 13:00 // 20th April 13:00 // 27th April 16:00 // 4th May 13:00 // 11th May final performance (time to be arranged).

Register here: https://forms.gle/XMzYjSBzkpAtVcNVA