Chloe Kelly (UK)

27.03 – 12.05.2024


Chloe Kelly is a sculptor, performance and theatremaker living in Berlin. She works under the themes of architecture and the genre of horror. Kelly focuses on presenting her work in untraditional and site-specific spaces and public. Recent sites include an underground casino; a citadel moat house; a shopping centre in central London; and performing on top of public ruins.

Recent research projects include ‘Animatronics: the movements of mechanical puppets in the horror genre’ funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste (2023); and ‘Cartoon Ghosts: an investigation into spirituality in the entertainment industry’ as part of a residency at the University of the Underground (2021). 


During the Narva Artist Residency, she plans to create a series of workshops based on how we critically and creatively reflect on the architecture in our urban environments. This takes inspiration from the industrial architecture of the residency location, Kreenholm Factory. Chloe proposes methods of collective-making to together construct our own imagined architectural model, made with the question in mind: How would you mutate or fantasise your solid surroundings? With this action, we exercise the freedom of creating an architecture that does not have to abide by the laws of politics, regulation, or physics. We will exercise our freedom as observers and makers.

Chloe Kelly

Chloe Kelly