07.10.2023 14:00

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Mapping my own home – workshop

Mapping my own home – workshop

When: Saturday, 07.10.2023 at 14:00

Where: NART, Joala 18

Free entrance

In geography lessons we were given the task of finding a city, country or mountain on a blank map, marking the place with a dot, drawing the borders and giving it a name. When we were children, that’s how we were told about the world around us. But then we grew up and filled the school map with our own stories and experiences. Maybe we’ve left our hometowns or seen our beloved ones leaving, maybe we repeated it more than once, we’ve learned our family history, travelled around the world. At some moment, we’ve probably had the question, “Who am I and where is my home?”

The mapping workshop is an opportunity for everybody to draw the map with their own history and mental geography. During the workshop, we will try to find the places we would like to call home and together define the word.

The workshop is family-friendly and open to people of all ages. Herbal tea and homemade cakes will be served.

The workshop is part of Asia Tsisar’s residency and is supported by the Culture Moves Europe program.

This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.