04.02.2023 18:00

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Film “The Room” ⎜Amalie

Film “The Room” ⎜Amalie

Directed by Tommy Wiseau, 2003

4.02.2023 at 18:00

Narva Art Residency, Joala 18, Narva

Free of charge

With the support of Imelike Filmide Festival

What happens when a businessman who has never held a camera in his life decides to become a film director? The Room is what happens. Tommy Wiseau, who says he is from New Orleans but almost everyone else says he is not (some sources say he used to be Tomasz Wieczorkiewicz from Poznan) was so desperate to win an Oscar that he made a film for a few million dollars in which, of course, he is the star. Because he had no skill, experience or talent, or ability to speak English correctly, he missed out on the Oscar, but he did get the best example of how a bad thing can be bad enough to be good.