24.05.2023 18:00

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Discussion “Street art. Urban environment. Freedom of expression. Vandalism» 

Discussion “Street art. Urban environment. Freedom of expression. Vandalism» 

Narva municipality invites everyone to a discussion on May 24 at 18:00, where we will talk about art in public space and its role in society. The event will take place at Narva Art Residency (Joala 18, Narva).

Narva is a multicultural city located on the border both geographically and culturally. The question of the role of contemporary art in urban space and its influence on society has recently come to the forefront. The purpose of the discussion evening is to create a dialogue between the artists and the audience, i.e. the citizens, to provide a platform for discussion of different points of view and to bring up issues concerning the city and artistic life.

For example, we will discuss the following questions: Is art legal or not in the city space, should an artist remain anonymous or not? Where does art end and vandalism begin? How can a creative person express himself in a free society, what forms of art can be used for this? Is ethics necessary for aesthetics? Should an artist be held accountable for his or her work? Who should be responsible?

The discussion will last two hours, with tea and coffee.
The event will be held in Narva language, admission is free.