01.02 - 28.02.2023

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Calendar of events in February

Calendar of events in February

02.02, Thursday

17:00-21:00 Comic workshop by Elke Renate Steiner
All Narva residents and others are welcome to create their own comics based on stories of living on the Estonian-Russian border. This is the last workshop! (free of charge, in English, translation available). See more on Facebook.

04.02, Saturday

14:00 Guided tour of the exhibition “On the other side of the great Oblivion”
The group exhibition focuses on the feeling of emptiness: when you are removed or lifted out of your environment by powerful transformations or transitioning from one phase of your life to another. (free, in Russian) See more on Facebook.

15:00 Presentation of the “Late Night Kulgu” Newsletter
In “Late Night Kulgu” one can learn about the story the Narva Venice Embassy project, the artists, and the history of Kulgu region. See more on Facebook.

16:30 Historical tour with curator Deniss Jatsenko and presentation of the Kreenholm model.
Denis Jatsenko talks about the vibrant history of the building and presents the model of Kreenholm area done by Fyodor Shantsyn. See more on Facebook.

18:00 “The Room” (2003) at the cinema Amalie (free of charge, in English with Russian subtitles)
This screening is organized together with Imelike Filmide Festival. “The Room” is said to be best example of something can be so bad that it’s actually good. See more on Facebook.

11.02, Saturday

13:00 Agapi.artclub meeting and workshop (registration required, in Russian) 
See more on Instagram.

16:00 opening of the exhibition “The Face of the Future in the Shadow of the Past” (free entrance).
An international group exhibition combining contemporary art and crafts features artists from six countries, curated by Milena Appajeva. See more here.

12.02, Sunday

13:00 Workshop and discussion of the architectural structure of Narva with Nadezhda Sassina and presentation of the project by NART resident Nikita Timonin.
During the event, Nadezhda will present her master’s thesis and various examples from around the world. In the second part of the workshop, everyone will have the opportunity to play the role of an architect and design their own future Narva community space in the center of Narva. See more on Facebook.

16.02, Thursday

18:00 NART Resident Emery Hall Online Lecture
Narva Art Residency’s international artists are going to give online lectures to explain, in detail, the practice of a professional artist, what everyday life at an art residency looks like, and how to take part in the opportunities offered. (on EKA TV platform, in English) See more on Facebook.

18.02, Saturday

15:00 Agapi.artclub meeting and creative workshop (pre-registration required, in Russian).
See more on Instagram.

16:00 model drawing session by Vestervall artists’ society (pre-registration required)

18:00 film night at the cinema Amalie

24.02, Friday

9:00 Celebration of Estonia’s Independence Day together with Estonian Society

Our resident Emery Hall will offer a natural plant paint aquarelle postcards workshop (in English, translation available)

25.02, Saturday

12:00 Workshop “Build your own model of the city centre of Narva” with Nadezhda Sassina (in Russian, translation available)

14:00 House history tour and presentation of the model of the Kreenholm
Denis Jatsenko talks about the historicy of the Joala 18 building and presents the model of the Kreenholm area done by Fyodor Shantsyn. See more on Facebook.

15:00 Emery Hall pop-up exhibition in Kreenholm’s factory.
Emery, NART resident from Arizona, exhibits a large-scale textile installation in the historic Kreenholm factory. During the event, the audience can collaboratively color the installation with various natural materials.