31.12.2023 14:00

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Andrea Stanislav’s performance “Reflect”

Andrea Stanislav’s performance “Reflect”

On the last day of the year, US artist Andrea Stanislav will go to the streets of Narva with her performance “Reflect”. She has previously performed it also in New York, St Petersburg, Minneapolis, Moscow etc.

Andrea Stanislav is a US artist who is in residency at NART already for the second time. Soon it will be possible to see her in various locations in the downtown of Narva as there will be the 12th iteration of her ongoing global migrating community engagement public performance called “Reflect”. The performer wears a sculptural costume made from thousands of handmade reflective buttons. The artist makes a transaction of sharing between herself and the audience. They answer one of her questions, pose for a photo and the artist gives them something in return. That something, however, remains a mystery for now. Later, the portraits will become part of the artist’s costume, as the photos will also become buttons. The costume is also a sculpture and will be shown in galleries and accompanied by audio recordings of interviews.

The performance will take place on the last day of the year, 31 December, from 14:00 to 18:00, starting from the Narva river promenade by Narva fortress. It will continue up the hill on Pushkin Street, City Hall, and Fama shopping mall. Andrea will stand out in the cityscape and among other people, so it will be easy to find her. If one does notice her, they are welcome to walk up to her and engage!