30.10.2022 12:00

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An artist talk by Filipa Pontes

An artist talk by Filipa Pontes

30th of October at 12-13PM 

At Narva Art residency, Joala 18

Entrance is free

On the 29 and 30 October, we are hosting a festival at NART. The festival is called the Festival of Invitations, and it consists of lectures, discussions, workshops, and a celebratory dinner at the Narva Art Residency and its surroundings. The festival program will also include an artist talk by our resident Filipa Pontes. She was working on the “Abstract Portraits: defying representation”. These portraits translate various experiences of immigration in Narva.

In the depictions, she attempts to capture the immaterial dimension of personal narratives seen from the particular perspective of the artist. 

She tries to catch the body’s expressions of energy, emotions, and tone during live conversation and translate them into images and sound. The results defy fixed meanings – they are incomplete, ambiguous, and fluid like the reality they convey. Filipa Pontes uses abstraction as a metaphor for her refusal to “speak” on behalf of others and translate other people’s experiences into recognizable and explanatory narratives (for whom?). Grounded in the ideas proposed by decolonial thinking, in “Abstract Portraits”, she aims to challenge the western and euro-centric models of understanding the world.