Szymon Kula (PL)

03.12 – 27.01.2018

Investigating memories deeply rooted in a private experience, Szymon Kula simultaneously appropriates alternative histories and identities into his personal mythology. Exploring the potential of painting, he carefully observes its peripheries, transforming and recycling traditional conventions, iconographies and motifs. Usually working in series and multiples he challenges the orthodox strategies of display presenting canvases alongside object, sound, video or performance. Constructing narratives that often correspond to the site specific environment Kula is fascinated by the past and by the potential future that can be coded in the structure of the painting. The tension between the illusionism and the actual physicality of the artwork manifests itself through the application of various techniques and materials which contribute to the visual as well as conceptual aspects of the work. In this way the status of his projects is permanently suspended between the spheres of aesthetics and functionality.

Szymon Kula

Szymon Kula


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