Greta Alice (Lithuania)

03.10 – 31.10.2023

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Greta Alice is the most popular illustrator of children’s books in Lithuania according to library statistics and one of the few active comics creators and lecturers.
She is not only an active comic book artist but also gives comic book workshops and trainings for children, teenagers and adults in various countries around the world (Lithuania, India, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland, Luxembourg, Brussels, England, Latvia, Finland and etc.), but she has also been selected to deepen her knowledge comics residencies in Latvia (KUŠ!, Riga, 2019; 2022) and Finland (CUNE Comics-in-Residence, HIAP, Helsinki, 2022).
She is also an active participant in group exhibitions and has presented fourteen solo exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.
In cooperation with the Lithuanian Community of Luxembourg, Greta Alice organized two International comic book competitions for Lithuanians living abroad “SuperJono/ SuperJonės Adventures in Lithuania 2021” and “SuperJonas / SuperJonė Challenge: Create a comic based on an already written book! 2022”. Currently Greta, in collaboration with the Literature Promotion Programme “Vaikųžemė” and the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, she is organizing the third international comics competition for children and teenagers “The city that doesn’t exist 2023”. And many more.

In 2022, Greta Alice, together with the organization “Vaikų žemė”, was awarded the Lithuanian Culture Ministry of Culture and Culture of Lithuania awarded a prize for the best cultural education activities.


As a Narva Children Literature residency laureate, Grete will create a medium-length colorful wordless picture book. The book will be interactive – she will leave an open space where she will invite the reader to become a co-author: to add their own thoughts to her stories, to voice the characters, etc.
The book will become a never-ending, double-layered book that can be read for countless generations, unfolding every now and then in a different way, inviting both young and older children to read and create.
The wordless book inspired by Narva about “The Bridge” would be a fresh, original and sensitive community-based creative discovery. She believes it would be a great book for schools, workshops, and organisations working with children.

Grete also plans to meet the children of Narva and organise a series of workshops for them. One of them will be on 21 October. Her interactive drawing and improvisation performance will take place at the Narva Art Residence. During the meetings, she will collect stories, thoughts, drawings and ideas from Narva children for her book. The central theme of the book will remain to be “bridges”.

Greta Alice

Greta Alice