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Laura Pählapuu | Take Me To Your River

Laura Pählapuu | Take Me To Your River


On December 8th opens Laura Pählapuu’s exhibition Võta mind oma jõkke (Take Me To Your River) at Narva Art Residency. The exhibition will be open until December 28th (Wednesday – Friday 12pm-8pm and from Saturday to Sunday 12pm-6pm).


About the exhibition

We are used to thinking about war as an abstract political phenomenon, but war is always personal. War is the most drastic force when transforming a space – it happens at a certain state, land, street, backyard, apartment, room. Idyllic landscapes become bomb holes, cities become ruins. Churches are turned into hospitals, schoolhouses into ammunition storage, living houses become headquarters.


The artist has avoided showing mere violence by placing soldiers into a public space or into a private room, she has added pathetiс Hollywood-kind of music and recognizable symbols from classical painting. Space, where hyper-pathetic and absurd meets, is put in a dialogue with a historic figure – Sadako Sasaki. She is a Japan girl, a war victim and a symbol of Hiroshima atomic bombing.


Laura Pählapuu’s exhibition deals with identifying the meanings of space and how to transform these discoveries. The artist is interested, by using simple videographic elements, how to change a formal clean room into something subordinated, lost and destroyable.


About the artist

Laura Pählapuu (b.1984) is an artist based in Tallinn, Estonia. Her work has been exhibited at KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn Art Hall, Project Space März, Tartu Art House, Rael Artel Gallery, ArtDepoo and Crous-Beaux-ArtsGallery in Paris. She has worked as a scenographer at Tartu New Theatre, Theatrum, Von Krahl Theatre, Theatre NO99, Theatre Centre Vaba Lava, Helsinki City Theatre etc.


The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.