09.05 - 30.06.2024

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Kaisu Koivistu’s exhibition “Passages”

Kaisu Koivistu’s exhibition “Passages”


Note: This is preliminary information. The exact dates and information of the exhibition will be published soon.

A photography exhibition called Passages has a strong connection point with the Kreenholm Factory and the NART residency building. They are based on photos Kaisu Koivistu photographed in Narva during her residencies in 2017 and 2022.

A passage is a channel or opening which a person or thing may pass through. It also means the transition from one stage to another, or a journey. Passage is an ongoing project of digital collage photographs which Kaisu has worked on since 2021. She began with a photograph of a space, building or a structure, altering it through adding and removing details.

Kaisu’s approach to making the collages is very intuitive. She examines the cues in the images and at times amplify them, or at times hide them.The series is much about imagining light, colors, shapes and life into the images and the spaces they depict.