13.07 - 06.10.2024

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Jordan Vinyard’s installations CRTL + ALT + REPEAT

Jordan Vinyard’s installations CRTL + ALT + REPEAT

Our lives are based on a concession of volts; the numerics of bars, power, and connection are our confidants and security. Mutilated by tiny cameras, filters, and split screens, Jordan’s work calls popular ideas concerning post-humanistic futures a counterfeit. Instead of bodies adorning machinic qualities of strength and efficiency, they are becoming less posthuman and increasingly subhuman. CTRL + ALT + REPEAT plays with society’s digital prevalence and considers how technology is developed not only in terms of efficiency, but how it incorporates humanistic principles, from accessibility, data collection, and surveillance. CTRL + ALT + REPEAT is a call for algorithmic unfolding that demands return to a practice of presence.

Consisting of multi-media sculptures, these pieces create instinctive spaces for viewers. As an artist, Jordan believes technology can be utilized to re-humanize by prompting an audience to begin asking not, “What is that thing doing?” but rather, “What am I doing that makes that thing do what it’s doing?” This engagement is central to the work and acts as an alarum for societal reboot; where viewers are asked to recognize the deep need for humanistic responsibility and presence within a technological culture.

CTRL + ALT+ REPEAT consists of large-scale multi-media sculptures. Central to the exhibition is an installation called Me, Mulle, MHe, a reflection of the linguistics in the region, but also a humorous scape on technology’s influence on the individual. Alongside that a kinetic installation uses social media to interface and plays with the language of follower and influencer, while others absurdly convey modern relationships. CTRL +ALT + REPEAT is a satirical portrait of people in technological societies.

About the artist:

By challenging society’s button pushing tendencies, Jordan Vinyard’s kinetic sculptures, installations, and performances satirize the alchemizing effects of technology. Since receiving her MFA from Florida State University, she has exhibited nationally and internationally including at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts in Dubai; The Czong Institute for

Contemporary Art Museum, South Korea; The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson, Arizona; Art Basel, Miami; The Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina; Collarworks, New York, and many more. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Oklahoma Artist Fellowship Award, The United Arts of Florida Grant, The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Creative Projects Grant and been nominated twice for the Joan Mitchell Award. Currently, she is

The Dean of Visual and Performing Arts, Professor of Art at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, USA and responsible for the university’s expanded media program including kinetics, bio art, installation, and performance. Additionally, she is the founder and director of Art Wrecker, an experimental space predicated on socially engaged forms of art.