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Group exhibition “Compost of Joy”

Group exhibition “Compost of Joy”

Opening is on July 13 at 4:00 PM at the Narva Art Residency.

Often, depicting happiness or joy in art can come across as crude, tasteless, overly decorative, superficial… or KITSCH.
Kitsch is an imitation of art aimed at mass-market appeal. But is that really the case? Should it be? Could we instead embrace kitsch, drawing inspiration from its aesthetics without shame, embracing clichés? Or should we strive to convey our joy subtly and with nuance, tastefully and elegantly? Is it even sensible to dismiss clichés? Can the aesthetics of kitsch be used as a serious art form capable of conveying the complexity of human nature?

Each participating artist has their own answers to these questions, creating a large, colourful mixture—or perhaps compost—where we’ve tossed all our relevant thoughts for decomposition.

Karolina Peterson’s experimental film takes us on a journey through an ironically guided meditation, prompting us to reflect on our own lives.

Aasa Ruukel focuses on spatial installations and the theme of childlike innocence, highlighting the concept of “toxic positivity.”

Valerija Oja plays with bright colors and dynamic forms, using accessible materials and techniques like papier-mâché and drawing, which often fall into the realm of kitsch.

Lisette Lepik’s paintings draw inspiration from love and longing, offering a deep insight into the dynamics of human relationships.

Marc Sauvageot reinterprets childhood drawings, giving them new life through an adult perspective.

Pavel Dodatko presents a combination of 3D animation and music, revealing joy through the virtual world.

The exhibition opening is supported by PÕHJALA.

Hours: Thu – Fri 15.00-19.00,
Sat, Sun 13.00-19.00 (Mon, Tue, Wed closed)

On July 20 at 5:00 PM, a public program titled “Collective Manifestation Meditation” will be held at the exhibition :

A collective manifestation meditation session is a journey towards happiness and peace. Are you worried about your future? Do you live in a state of neurotic anxiety? Do you feel lonely and uncertain? Or would you just like your quality of life to be a little bit better? It seems like a moment of peace and positive vibes are something you really need right now! Come share happy vibrations and enjoy trance-inducing music. We will share supportive words and restore some life energy. The session is in English and will last for about 30 minutes, suitable for all ages.

Graphic design: Pavel Dodatko