07.12 - 19.01.2025

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Jaakko Autio’s “OrigiNation” and Mika Vesalahti’s “Hells’GodMachine”

Jaakko Autio’s “OrigiNation” and Mika Vesalahti’s “Hells’GodMachine”

7.12.24 – 19.01.2025

Note: This is preliminary information. The exact dates, information and translations of the exhibition will be published soon.

It will be a join exhibition between Jaakko Autio and Mika Vesalahti. Jaakko was a resident at NART in the spring of 2022. Mika currently resides near Tartu in Estonia. 

Jaakko’s “OrigiNation” piece will be exhibited alongside Mika’s large 4 x 4 meter “Hell’sGodMachine” works. Their mutual presence aligns harmoniously, and the same interplay of light and shadow is present in their large-scale pieces. Jaakko’s work brings the light and Mikas works the critical point of view. 

Mika Vesalahti’s “Hell’sGodMachine” paintings depict a world covered in organic mass. The paintings evoke conflicting emotions: feelings of disgust and liberation. Nature triumphs over civilization, reflecting Western excess and narcissism. Vesalahti critically comments on contemporary society, and his art is simultaneously personal and universal. They unveil our current moment, subconscious desires, and fears. Salvation is still possible.