17.12.2022 18:00

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The film “Amélie” ⎜Amalie

The film “Amélie” ⎜Amalie

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet 

17 December at 18:00

Admission 3 €

Amelie Poulin is a young  French woman who lives in her own special world. She has the unique ability to change people’s lives for the better. It all started when one day she found a box of childhood toys that belonged to an unknown boy. After returning the box to its owner, Amelies life has changed. From now on, her every action affects the lives of those around her with the effect of a butterfly. After seeing how happy the man to whom the box of toys belonged, a “parcel” from childhood, Amelie decides that from now on and forever the purpose of her life will be to help other people and try to make each of them at least a little happier.  By bringing happiness to others, Amelie will finally find her own…

 Ekaterina will be offering hot tea and fresh pastries before the film, so be sure to arrive early 🙂