16.12.2023 16:00

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Presentation of four publications – Factura, Recipes Book, Kulgu Evening Newspaper and Krengolmski Listok

<strong>Presentation of four publications – Factura, Recipes Book, Kulgu Evening Newspaper and Krengolmski Listok</strong>

On Saturday 16 December at 16:00 everyone is invited to Narva Art Residency (Joala 18, Narva), where four different publications will be presented. Narva mediaLAB has published the third issue of zine Factura this time covering not only Narva but other parts of Ida-Virumaa, as well as a book of recipes of ethnic groups living in Ida-Virumaa. And NART will present The Kulgu Evening as well as the Krengolmski Listok newspapers. The meediaLAB will also present a 3 minute sound collage of Narva, and talk about the achievements of its third season.

All of the publications are different, and they are all self-published. Self-publishing is a growing trend both here and elsewhere. Self-publishing does not involve a publishing house, but is done by the author or organiser on his/her own, and the print run is smaller than usual.

Founded in 2015, femLENS organises workshops around the world to teach visual media skills to women and girls from different backgrounds. In Narva, the meediaLAB project is led by Jekaterina Saveljeva and Lotta Carmelino and is supported by the German Embassy in Tallinn. One of the outcomes of Narva mediaLAB is the Factura zine. It features the work of various local authors, illustrators and photographers, and covers topics relevant to Narva. This year, mediaLAB has also published a recipe book with recipes from Ida-Viru county.

NART will also present two publications. For the second summer, Narva Venice hosted a residency programme with five international artists. The project is called Narva Venice Embassy and is supported by the British Council. The Late Night Kulgu newspaper summarised the first season of the project in 2022, and now it’s time for the second issue. The newspaper is compiled by Eva Berzin, Cheslav Nikitin and Jana Levitina. The last to be presented is the Krengolmski Listok – this newspaper tells the history of Kreenholm and opens up the past of the building where Narva Art Residency is housed. The newspaper was created by Denis Jatsenko and Gleb Kuznetsov, and is supported by Kulka.

We look forward to welcoming all to the launch of these four publications to get acquainted with what is going on in Narva and Ida-Viru County. The event is free of charge.

Where: NART, Joala 18, Narva

When: 16 December

Time: 16:00