01.09.2023 18:00

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Pop-up exhibition ILMAKIRJAD  

Pop-up exhibition ILMAKIRJAD  

1.09.23 at 18
entrance is free
NART (Joala 18)

Lecturers and students from the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) and the Royal Belgian University of Arts (KASK) come to Narva to create a joint light installation with local Finnish-Ugric people. The project is led by Piret Puppart, professor of fashion at EKA. She draws inspiration from ethnography and values ethnic continuity. She is most inspired by the Uralic peoples.

The pop-up exhibition ILMAKIRJAD will take place at the Narva Art Residency (Joala 18) on 1 September at 18:00. Ekaterina Kuznetcova, the head of the Narva Ingrian House, will create soundscapes for this event.