31.08.2023 11:00

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Finno-Ugric patterns workshop with EKA and KASK

<strong>Finno-Ugric patterns workshop with EKA and KASK</strong>

Come create stories with Finno-Ugric patterns with lecturers and students from the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) and the Royal Belgian University of Arts (KASK)!

A workshop will take place at NART on 31 August at 11:00-18:00. It will be held by  Piret Puppart, professor of fashion design at EKA. A joint light installation will be created at the workshop. The result of the workshop is called “ILMAKIRJAD” and it will be presented as a pop-up exhibition with live music on 1 September at 18:00. The soundscapes will be created by Ekaterina Kuznetsova.

We need six more participants for the workshop. Participants are expected to be interested in Finno-Ugric cultural heritage and to have a Finno-Ugric background. We are especially looking for people with Istria, Vodic, Vepsa, Ingrian and Karelian roots. Participation, equipment and lunch are free of charge. Please register here: https://forms.gle/dCxu2SuHghg1NJ7s5