30.03.2024 16:00

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Performance by Jordan Edge (Kiik Amor)

Performance by Jordan Edge (Kiik Amor)

30th of March at 16:00
NART, Joala 18
Free entrance

Jordan is a trans artist/curator from North East England working in experimental practice and sound art. Their world is based on the intersection of experience design, performance art and supersonic world building. During their residency in NART Jordan Edge has been exploring Estonian / North East England mythology through the embodiment of folklore characters, creatures and spirits, specifically the Blue Deity (Tölp) of The Blue Springs Of Saula, the Tuhala witches, the Lambton Wyrm of Durham and the story of the Kalevipoeg. They are creating a film in which the traditional narratives are blurred together to create a speculative, symbolic and surrealist performance art film including costumes, jewellery, digital artefacts, sound and choreography. The film is focussed on transcending the borders between the Baltic regions and the North East Of England.

Saturday’s performance will culminate their month-long research into an immersive storytelling experience, providing a glimpse into the captivating world that they have created.

The performance will feature a film screening, hand-made costumes and jewellery, as well as sounds recorded in various mythical locations in Estonia and end with an artist-talk with Jordan.

Edge/Amor has exhibited internationally at independent galleries, festivals, venues and institutions including: Royal Academy of Arts, London; OverKill Festival & Sick House, Netherlands; ACKUA Gallery, Kyoto and The Glass House International Centre for Music, Gateshead.

The residency is possible thanks to cooperation with the Narva Art Residency NART, the Contemporary Art Center Baltic and the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center.