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NART OPEN LECTURES AT EKA – Ikuru Kuwajiwa and Masha Pryven

NART OPEN LECTURES AT EKA – Ikuru Kuwajiwa and Masha Pryven

Ikuru Kuwajiwa and Masha Pryven

20 February at 17.45
Põhja pst 7 room A-501

In the spring of 2024, artists from the Narva Art Residency give again three public lectures at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. They will talk about the practicalities of being a professional artist, what the daily life of an art residency is like, and how to get involved in the opportunities offered to artists. Of course, they will also introduce their creative work. Lectures take place on three Tuesdays at 17.45. They are free of charge and open to all! The lectures will be held in English.

The first lecture is on 20 February and it will feature two artists-in-residence. Ikuru Kuwajima is a Japanese artist and photographer who has been living and working around Eastern Europe and Central Asia for the past 17 years. Masha Pryven is a Berlin-based artist from Ukraine who focuses on socially engaging photography projects.

The second lecture on April 9 will be given by Jacobus North from Germany and Chloe Kelly from United Kingdom. And the last lecture will be on May 21. Zimbabwean artist Zacharaha Magasa as well as Estonian-American duo Kristiin Hanimägi and Joel Freeman will then present their work.