Veronika Kivisilla (estonia)

10.10 – 31.10.2023

Veronika Kivisilla takes part of the Narva children’s literature residencies. Read more about it here:

Veronika Kivisilla’s previous connection with Narva had been rather superficial. However, she can firmly say that new places have always been a strong inspiration for her as a writer. She is a quick adapter, an absorber, a wanderer, and an enthusiast. As a restless soul, she believes that the best stories are born when one steps out of their everyday environment and explores and makes a new place their own. Narva is worth discovering.

At Narva Art Residency, she will write the manuscript for a children’s book. It’s the story of the legendary veterinarian Hjalmar Link who worked in Narva during the time of the first republic. He is a relative of Veronika’s good friend. Her friend’s elderly grandmother has told her all sorts of interesting things about her uncle Hjalmar. She feels that she would like to bring to life the Narva of that time with people, animals, children, and Uncle Hjalmar’s awesome Ford, and alongside that, create a story about the present-day Narva people, animals, and children.

As a mother of two and with experience as a literature teacher, Veronika believes she can sense which stories appeal to children, without forgetting that a good children’s story also touches adults.

Veronika Kivisilla

Veronika Kivisilla