Uwe Lützen (germany, switzerland)

23.10 – 03.12.2023

// BIO

Being born in Germany and then being moved to Switzerland he survived that minor ‘culture clash’ following his parents’ work migration. He attended the universities of Zurich and Amsterdam and holds a master degree in Film Studies and German Literature. He has a background in theatre and made his way into movies with the feature film DEAD FUCKING LAST, a dramatic comedy about bike messengers, capitalism and friendship which was rated “rad yet racy” by the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. 

He is based in Zurich and Berlin and is represented by Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt/Main. He works as a writer and consultant for cinema, series and theatre – both in fictional and documentary formats.


During his stay, he will go out, explore, research, observe and may find stories of the people and the area. However, following less of a journalistic approach this is not about reporting. This may rather be about finding fundamental topics which structure life here.

What makes identity – For an individual human being or an entire society?

Finally, his research may result in a set of questions, a collection of short stories – or maybe even fairy-tales… For any fictional format is always also a reflection of the present. However, the process of finding the stories and their nature will only eventually define the stories’ format.

Rooted in this unique corner of the world that has geopolitically received much attention lately, these stories about life may eventually be published in Russian, Estonian and German in order to make them travel between cultures…

Uwe Lützen

Uwe Lützen