Alex Close (CA)

26.03 – 20.04.2018

Alex arrived to the residency when there was still snow on the ground and decided to stay to continue living and working in Narva. Before her departure to Macedonia (where she is partly from), Alex is inviting you to come and see her works exhibited under a collective title “Subterrestrial Visitors”.


Alex is writing:
“I grew up in a city that was once known as the automotive capital of Canada. Although the General Motors factory still exists, it is shrinking in operation step by step and the town has now evolved to be an education and health sciences hub. I want to learn about how different places once booming with traditional industry are able to (or not able to) transition to the future.


Some underlying themes of my work have to do with post-industrial discarded machinery and man-made materials in relation to fossilization and entropy in a post-human environment. Through the collage (digital and physical), drawing and painting, I begin to develop an accumulation of marks, images and objects as artefacts that form the basis for the development of perceptual space.

In this isolated (future) space, I walk through a subconscious landscape, collecting artefacts as I go. I navigate this landscape that has currently led me to explore a subterranean world of tunnels and deep-sea reservoirs. I piece together this puzzle of fragments through navigating my subconscious.”

Alex Close

Alex Close

1980, london, uk