Sculpture-book “Narva as a trash book”⎜Masha Pryven

Sculpture-book “Narva as a trash book”⎜Masha Pryven

WHAT: Exhibition of the art object “Narva as a trash book”, created in collaboration with the Narva youth. The book is made from found materials in the trash, on the streets, or at home. Each page serves both as an abstract representation and a social critique.

The exhibition is accompanied by a collection of essays from the participants, all reflecting on “What should Narva throw away, and what should it keep?”

WHERE: the 4th floor of the Narva Central Library (the reading hall), Malmi 8, Narva, Estonia.

WHY, WHO: The project was conducted by Ukrainian-German artist Masha Pryven as part of her Narva Art Residency from January 5 to February 29, 2024. The participants are Charlotte Barch (16), Veronika Kolobušina (18), Ekaterina Koreshkova (17), Alisa Lisienko (18), Reinhold Oster (17), Emeli Šabanina (15) and Anna Zurova (16).

In the future, the sculpture-book will be exhibited in other libraries in the Ida-Viru County region.