Open Call: Artists in Narva Venice!

<strong>Open Call: Artists in Narva Venice!</strong>

This public competition is for three creative residencies. Art installations and objects that enhance and develop the unique Narva Venice area and engage the local community are highly awaited. Selected artists will be invited to stay at the Narva Venice Embassy for about a week during the upcoming season. Each artist will receive a creative grant and a small budget for producing their work.

Narva is a unique, predominantly Russian-speaking city, situated next to the Russian border, offering a rich cultural blend. Not far from the Narva Art Residency is the area of Kulgu, affectionately known as Narva Venice. This area is a system of canals with boat garages near the Narva water reservoir. These garages are more than just boat sheds—they are living spaces where locals have saunas, hold parties, fish, and spend time away from the city. Although the area has garnered interest from visitors, they often view the community from a distance, akin to observing life in an aquarium. Therefore, there is a need to find ways to promote and raise the value and accessibility of the unique area. In the summer of 2022, the Narva Art Residency successfully launched the NART Embassy in Narva Venice, also known as the Venice Embassy. Following its success, the project returned in the summer of 2023 and is back again this year. 

To get an overview of the Narva Venice Embassy 2023 please read the brochure “Late Night Kulgu

Residency Details:

– Number of Artists: 3

– Duration: Each artist will stay at the Narva Venice Embassy for a week within the period of 29.07-18.08 (once the artist is selected exact dates will be discussed).

– Support: Artists will receive a 500 euro grant and a small budget for producing their work. We can also provide a small sum to reimburse travel costs partly.

– Engagement: Artists are expected to create physical works that remain in the territory and engage local people.

– Accommodation: Artists will be accommodated in comfortable tents within the Narva Venice area. The tents will have basic amenities, including electricity and modest cooking facilities. Additionally, there will be toilet facilities nearby. For more extensive meal preparation and showering, artists will have access to additional facilities a short distance away from Narva Venice.

The map and the photos of the plot to live and create in the Narva Venice

How to Apply:

Interested artists are invited to submit their applications by 06.07 

Please submit your applications here:

 Applications must include:

– Applicant(s) information such as name, country, birth date, and contact details
– Applicant(s) CV(s) and a short biography
– Portfolio
– A proposal for the project you intend to develop during the residency, including how you plan to engage the local community.
– Drawings/visualization of the planned artwork
– Production budget calculation (at the time of application, the budget limit is up to 500 euros)

The competition is organized by Narva Art Residency (NART) and supported by the British Council. 

For any inquiries or further information, please contact