NART events in November

<strong>NART events in November</strong>

1.11 Wednesday 18:00 Opening event of Helene Knoop’s exhibition “The Ludwig Knoop Project”

4.11 Saturday 16:00 Narva Meediaklubi film screening – “I Went to the Sea to Pick Oranges” (Anastasia Hristova) 18:00 Movie night at Amalie Cinema – “November” (Rainer Sarnet, 2017)

6.11 Monday 19:00 Nordic week programme – “Fathers & Mothers” (Paprika Steen, 2022)

9.11 Thursday 17:45 NART open lecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts 2/3 (Põhja pst 7, Tallinn) – Ola Lewczyk and Sasha Rotts

11.11 Saturday 18:00 Movie night at Amalie cinema – “Autumn Ball” (Veiko Õunpuu, 2007)

17.11 Friday 19:00 Alexander Rosenbaum’s music concert performed by Timur Ilikayev (with registration)

18.11 Saturday 12:00 Workshop by the School of Architecture on urban space installations (with registration) – postponed to 02.12 and 09.12.

15:00 Figure painting session with the Vestervalli Artists’ Association (with registration)

19.11 Sunday

16:00 Anti-Workshop for youth: Art and activism “Listen to me and leave me alone!” (with registration)

25.11 Saturday

16:00-18:00 Workshop with Polish artist Ola Lewczyk on Neolithic ceramics and firing in a self-made kiln

18:00 Movie night at Amalie Cinema – “Captain Volkonogov Escaped” (Natasha Merkulova, Aleksey Chupov, 2021)