contactsMarika Šarova, NART assistent,, +372 5545444
Gleb Kuznetsov, NART koordinaator,, +37258513234
Johanna Rannula, NART direktor,, +372 59177795
keysUpon arrival, we will give you either the keys to the basement door or the key to the main door on the 1st floor, for a deposit of 10€.

Lock the doors EVERY SINGLE TIME because there has been theft in the house! The main door is only open during the opening hours of the gallery if there is a guide at the desk. Before leaving, the keys must be returned to a NART employee or agreed on how to do it.
accommodationThere are two large rooms on the basement floor, 10 beds in each room, 20 places in total. In addition, there is the fireplace room which is intended for teaching staff – 2 sleeping places. There are blankets and pillows. Bed linen and a towel are provided for a 4€ fee.

Please remove the bed linen and put them in the washing room before leaving. Even better if you could help by putting them in the washing machine and start the cycle. In the case of a large group, you need to reserve enough time before leaving for this. Ask the NART team for help on how to use the machines.
peopleThe staff work in the house and have flexible hours. There are several guides, Lena helps to clean. The residency usually has a couple of interns. There are usually three artists living in the residency. If there is not a large group of students in the building, sometimes Ukrainian refugees also stay in the basement dorms. There are visitors to the exhibition, but there may also be guests at the residency at other times.
wifiThe password for both wifi’s is “residentuur”
residentsWe have very nice artists-in-residence, have a chat with them! And please be respectful to each other – night time is quiet time 🙂 And if there is a party, please please keep the cellar door closed so that the upper floors are quiet. 
public eventsThe public program of the residency can be found at, FB and Instagram. There are several public events every week. The exhibition is open to visitors: Mon-Fri 15:00-19:00, Sat 13:00-21:00, Sun 13:00-19:00
the kitchenBasic things are usually already in the kitchen (salt, sugar, oil, etc.). There is also food for Ukrainian refugees in the cupboards and elsewhere, which we ask you not to eat. If you can’t find something you need in the kitchen downstairs, you can also take it from the kitchen upstairs, but please return it! The dishes must be washed after every meal, i.e. in the dishwasher or washed by hand. Take ALL leftover food with you when you leave!
saunaWe use the sauna once a week, the day must be specified upon arrival with Johanna. If you want to use the sauna several times during the week, the price for the following times is 15€.
house rules– We wear slippers in the house. We also have a small supply of slippers in case someone leaves them behind, but it’s better to have your own.

– Lamps and candles should be turned off when leaving the room –  we try to save the environment and the house.

– Clean the kitchen and dorm rooms before leaving and take the garbage to the containers outside.

– If you have rearranged tables, etc., they must be put back before you leave (e.g. school desks and chairs back in the storeroom).

– In case you need something from the tool and materials room, ask the NART team first. 

– Students are given specific spaces, rooms for working. Other spaces are meant for the artists-in-residence or the team for working, for exhibitions etc. The exhibition halls need to be clear during the gallery opening hours, but at other times it’s okay to use them.
what to visit– Maxima – large grocery store, 15 min walk

– Pizza & cafe – good pizzas, especially the zucchini pizza. They have very nice “babushka” style lunch specials.

– Restaurant Manufakuur in the vocational training center – open weekdays at lunch, chef students make the food 

–Restaurant Kaar is next door, in the cellar of Joala 20

– Roro artclub – local bar, live concerts every weekend.

– Narva Museum & Gallery – admission is 4 eu on the last Thursday of every month

– Kreenholm – you need a permit to access it, which can be requested from Johanna or Gleb or Marika