01.11 - 07.01.2024

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“Ludwig Knoop Project” by Helene Knoop

“Ludwig Knoop Project” by Helene Knoop


This art project was inspired by the history of the Narva Kreenholm Textile Factory, its founder Ludwig Knoop and his era. In the exhibition, the artist combines narratives from her personal relationships with her ancestors with the story of the Kreenholm factory and atmospheric scenes from its past.

The artist says: “In our family a great number of us have been named after our great grandparents. This makes you think about the past and brings your family history into your

life. Did I achieve as much as those from whom I inherited my first or my last name? The past generations seem to have accomplished things of greater importance compared to us – the great Ludwig Knoop who everyone talked about, his factory, his reputation, as well as his brother Daniel Knoop, who is my great, great grandfather.As we live in another time than Ludwig Knoop’s, it is important to also look ahead and imagine what Kreenholm could become in the future, as well as what it could transform into. I have had to find the answers to all of this, and art has provided me guidance along the way.”

Organiser: Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia

Coordinators: Rael Artel, Jevgeni Timoštšuk

Textiles from the collection of Narva Museum

Supporters: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Narva Gate OÜ, NART, Norwegian Embassy in Tallinn

Special thanks: Jaanus Mikk, Johanna Rannula, Galina Smirnova