04.05.2024 17:00

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“Truth and Justice” ⎜ Cinema Amalie

“Truth and Justice” ⎜ Cinema Amalie

On Saturday, 5 May at 17.00
Cinema hall Amalie, Joala 18
Free screening

The feature film, based on the novel “Truth and Justice” by A. H. Tammsaare, was made for Estonia’s 100th anniversary and was written and directed by Tanel Toom. The film is in Estonian with Russian subtitles. The screening is supported by the P2P programme of British Council.

The uncompromising new owner of Robber’s Rise must battle with hard work, his spiteful neighbour and with his own family and beliefs to transform the poor land into a flourishing farm of his dreams – to bring truth and justice to a god forsaken place.

Young and energetic man Andres together with his wife Krõõt arrives to his new farm bought on a loan to establish their new life. Robber’s Rise must become a place, that’ll take care of the family. Household needs a lot of work and consistency – battle with nature, fate and his spiteful neighbour Pearu.