13.04.2024 16:00

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Slow Art Day ⎜meet artists Pavel and Angela

Slow Art Day ⎜meet artists Pavel and Angela

Saturday, 13 April 2024 is a Slow Art Day which takes place around the globe as well as at Narva Art Residency.

We invite everyone to slowly visit and look at the art at two exhibitions: Pavel Rotts’ “Climbing a Memory. The Matter of Touch” and Angela Soop’s “He is You/War and Peace/IV”. The event at NART starts at 16.00 and is free of charge.

After a meditative session of looking, there is an open discussion with the artists who are present themselves. In addition to Pavel and Angela, also the composer Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes will join.

‘Slow Art’ was created to encourage us all to look at art for a little longer, in the hope that we not only see more, but also get to know the works of art in greater detail. Exploring artworks more slowly can help us to form more stories, feelings, and opinions, about the works. See more on https://www.slowartday.com/.